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We Love Creepypasta

Creep.ee is a website where you can consume as much scary short stories as you can handle. Our creepypastas can be read, or listened to, or watched. These stories have been made by hundreds of talented storytellers that enjoy spooking people out. There are classics like ones involving the Slenderman or Jeff the Killer or Smile Dog, and newer ones that are quickly becoming just as infamous. A few of our curated creepypastas have also been written exclusively by Creepee!

In our Lore section you can learn the origins of your favorite creepypastas. Find out whether there is any truth behind the stories, and how they have spread across the internet and into our pop culture.

Write for Creepee!

We are always looking for great new creepypastas! If you have written one and would like to submit it, send it in through our Contact page. Make sure to include your credit. We can even include a link back to your website or favorite social media channel so you can build your fanbase.

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Thank you for reading Creep.ee and being a part of the strange and wonderful world of creepypasta.